A smart solution tailored for your brand

Find Instagram influencers/content creators in your industry and take your influencer marketing to the highest level.


Gain the authentic brand

awareness that your

brand deserves with

the best quality influencers. 

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Finding the right influencers

for your client has

never been so easy

with Cliquefluence. 

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influencer marketing hub

Increase your brands sales

through the power of

instagram with influencers

prompting their followers

to your ecommerce store. 

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influencer marketing hub

Get your brand out

in the eyes of your target market

fast and effectively.  

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Find, reach out & manage

Leading solutions for brands and agencies that are interacting with influencers.

Influencer collaborations
Access to thousands of influencers 

Search for influencers in your niche. These influencers will align with your brand and message

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word-of-mouth marketing
Manage influencer campaigns

Manage multiple influencer campaigns at the same time. Get out of the age of spreadsheets and track all aspects of your influencer campaigns.

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Advanced reporting

Access advanced analytics including audience & authenticity analysis. view influencer reports that consist of authenticity score, audience demographics, brand collabs and more.

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find influencers
White label

Available on the enterprise plan. Suitable for in house teams.

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Find influencers in your niche

Gain access to thousands of influencers on Instagram. Search by:

Niche & location


Engagement rate


Campaign management





Manage your influencer campaigns

Manage all your influencer campaigns inside the platform 

Run multiple campaigns

Track shipping

Track posts

Track payments

Trusted by all brands

Search through thousands of Instagram profiles

Clique's search solution will help you find the correct influencers for your brand, and our campaign management tool will provide the tools you need for great influencer marketing.

Grow your business at scale with influencer marketing.

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