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We use AI to make the results of your search as accurate as you need them to be. Segment your searches using our filters in detail

To get your search results as optimum as you need them to be. Segment your searches in detail by using our filters. 


Lifestyle, fashion, travel mommy, health, music..

Campaign management

Manage multiple campaigns at the same time...


Country, state, county, city...


Audience age range, location, interests, language and gender


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Clique's influencer search tool allows you to use specific search terms to really narrow in on your niche. Find influencers that fit your brand and will allow you to get optimal influencer campaign results.

Access to over 10 million influencers locally and worldwide. Discover influencers within your niche in a matter of seconds

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Influencer search

Leading built-in influencer search and statistics platform.

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Influencer Analytics

Create and export lists of influencers in one click.

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Influencer Ecommerce

Identify and contact influencers at scale.

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Campaign management 

Learn more about social media influencer marketing.

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